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St. Louis Earth Day Goers Combating Cholera

The day started off cold and cloudy, but shortly after unloading the car and setting up the table, the sun came out, and April 26 turned into the most perfect spring day imaginable. On this particular morning, Maji Safi Group was a vendor at the St. Louis Earth Day Festival at Forest Park. St. Louis […]

Women’s Day Out

What a wonderful day… It was a warm, beautiful day under a cloudless Colorado-blue sky when a group of women met in Boulder, Colorado, on the morning of April 29 for the first Maji Safi Women’s Day Out. Thanks to their interest in supporting Maji Safi Group’s work in Tanzania and the generosity of the […]

Wiki ya Maji 2015: World Water Week

From March 18-22, Maji Safi Group represented the Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network and the Lake Zone WASH Forum at the 27th annual National Tanzania Water Week celebration, which was held in Musoma this year. The Tanzania Water and Sanitation Network (TAWASANET) was founded in 2008 to create a network of Tanzanian civil society organizations […]

Bikes for Clean Water

Bicycles are instrumental to the implementation and growth of Maji Safi Group’s (MSG) programs. With bikes, our Community Health Workers can reach remote areas in the Rorya District more easily and teach more families about clean water and the importance of sanitation and hygiene. This year on January 25, Emily Bull, President of Maji Safi […]

Powerful Women

Maji Safi Group’s Female Hygiene Program brings Shirati’s powerful women together. In this remote corner of Tanzania, many young women live in families where female changes are a taboo subject; yet, such information keeps young women in school. Throughout the year, Maji Safi Group (MSG) enables these young women to learn about puberty, hygiene, health, […]

Nimefurahi kujiunga timu ya Maji Safi Group!

(I am happy to join the Maji Safi Group team!) On September 3, 2014, I arrived in Shirati, Tanzania, to join the Maji Safi Group team. I am a Swiss citizen, and I am working for INTERTEAM, a Swiss NGO. Guided by the motto, “Sharing knowledge – Relieving poverty”, INTERTEAM fights for better living conditions […]

Trophy Goats, Soccer, and WASH Education

This year’s Maji Safi Cup was our biggest soccer tournament to date, involving over a month of hard-fought matches between 14 teams – all hoping to win “the trophy goat”. During that period, a total of 1675 community members came out to watch and cheer, and over 800 youths attended the pre-match water, sanitation and […]

Miss Maji Safi

A year ago in November, Maji Safi Group (MSG) hosted the first ever Miss Maji Safi Day in Shirati, Tanzania. This day was imagined, created, and promoted by the young women and leaders of MSG’s Female Hygiene Program. It stands for female empowerment and allows young women to share the pride they take in being […]

Maji Safi Group’s Educational Model Needed in Our Own Backyard

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Emily Bull received a double BA in Psychology and Religious Studies from Austin College in Sherman, TX. She has a Masters in Social Work with a concentration in International Social Economic Development from Washington University in St. Louis. Emily has worked with Maji Safi Group for nearly two years as the US […]

Welcome to Maji Safi Group!

Maji Safi Group (MSG) is very excited to introduce the newest members of the MSG team. Susan Waltisberg, Tanzania Program Manager Susan is originally from Switzerland and worked as a Specialist in Business Organization for the last eight years at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne, Switzerland. Since July 2014, she […]