Miss Maji Safi

A year ago in November, Maji Safi Group (MSG) hosted the first ever Miss Maji Safi Day in Shirati, Tanzania. This day was imagined, created, and promoted by the young women and leaders of MSG’s Female Hygiene Program. It stands for female empowerment and allows young women to share the pride they take in being strong, confident, and independent individuals who value their bodies and intellect. The Female Hygiene Program started in August 2013 as a way to promote female health and hygiene, the importance of female education, and AFRIpads (reusable sanitary pads generously donated by Lunapads’ One4Her Program). This program started with 20 participants, who met weekly, and it has grown to reach 60 young women twice a week.


This year on November 22nd, Maji Safi Group celebrated its second annual Miss Maji Safi Day. Together with the MSG Community Health Workers, 60 young women from Maji Safi’s Female Hygiene Program planned and participated in putting on the event. Over 650 members of the Shirati community attended to see dances and skits about female hygiene and health and sing Maji Safi songs that teach about disease prevention.

In addition to the runway activities, the “Miss Maji Safi” competition tested the program participants on their knowledge of the relationship between female health and hygiene and school attendance and allowed them to show their community the pride and self-confidence they have in being young women. This year, there was also a competition between the female Community Health Workers to win the title of “Miss Mabolozi 2014”. The young MSG women were thrilled with the success of the day. We congratulate Lucia Lucas on being “Miss Maji Safi 2014” and Diana Nguka on being “Miss Mabolozi 2014”!

We are so proud of all the young women in the Female Hygiene Program! They are all wonderful role models to their peers and a great example of strong, empowered, intelligent women in their community.