Leading by Example: Meet Prisca

My name is Prisca Julius. Before joining Maji Safi, my life was difficult. I only finished one year of secondary school because I got married and had a child. I then lived with my husband until he passed away, after which I moved back to my parents’ house. During this time, I worked as a trainee at a tailor’s shop.


I enjoy being an Ambassador for Maji Safi because the job allows me to work for the benefit of my community. As a leader of the Singing and Dance Group, I am very happy to come to work every day. The children in the Singing and Dance Group have discovered their ability to communicate positive messages through their performances. You now hear the group’s songs all over town. The students have also found a supportive place where they can get extra academic attention. Many of the kids don’t know how to read, so we are working on that.