Leading by Example: Meet Winner


My name is Winner, and I was born in 1986 in Buturu in the Rorya District. I started school in 1995 and finished my primary education in 2001. I was not able to go onto secondary school in 2002 because my parents were unable to pay for my school fees. After this, I decided to find a life partner, and I got married. After getting married, I became pregnant and had twins in 2005, one girl and one boy. After this, I became a seamstress and started sewing clothes. After starting sewing, I became pregnant again and had another boy, so now I have two boys and one girl.


I am very thankful for Maji Safi’s education because it changed me. Before, I didn’t know the importance of a toilet, or even the importance of treating water. I used to drink untreated water, and I even had a toilet, but I didn’t use it. Maji Safi made it so I knew the importance of using a toilet, and it helped me know how to prevent disease.