2016 Maji Safi Golf-a-thon

September 30, 2016 all-day
Lake Valley Golf Club
4400 Lake Valley Dr
CO 80503
Erna Maj
720 244 5154

On September 30, the lady golfers at Lake Valley in Boulder will do it again – put our hearts, souls, time and every bit of energy we can muster into the third annual Maji Safi Golf-a-thon to raise money for disease prevention, health education and women’s empowerment in rural Tanzania!

Every day, Maji Safi Group’s tireless and dedicated Community Health Workers teach in homes, schools, and markets, run sports and community events, conduct health screens, etc. to empower the local population to live healthier lives. With your generous support, we can raise the money to help this beautiful work continue.

We anticipate playing about 500 holes – please make a pledge per hole or pledge a flat amount. If you fear that the Lake Valley women warriors’ love of golf and desire to make a difference may get out of hand and jeopardize your savings, you are welcome to stipulate a maximum amount for your donation.
Please remember that donations of any size are welcome. Last year, the generosity of 110 donors with donations anywhere from $0.05 to $4.00 per hole added up to $40,000!